PageLines-milky-way-1023340_1920.jpgHi, I’m Jessie.

As a tech savvy person, it’s an everyday ritual for family members to ask how to do things on their computers. One day, my husband’s dad wanted to build a website and didn’t know how to. After learning how to myself, I helped him build a successful health and wellness website. I have created many websites myself, from blogs, to business pages, to a graphic arts website. With my blogs, I post about things like science, food, and helpful home tips. You can see those in my portfolio, along with websites I’ve helped others create. I love learning new things about web design and sharing them with people. I know so many people that need a website to promote their business or a blog to spread their creativity. That’s why I don’t charge an arm and a leg, I want everybody to be able to be on the internet.

Here’s how to reach me:

My Business Phone: (415) 530-0359


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