Getting Educated


Of course you want your website to thrive, but how do you go about that? After completing a website, you’ll have the ‘OS’ of the site in order to get around and control the site. Learning how to work on your website is the most important part of getting a website, how else can you write posts? I can help you there. When it comes to managing, configuring cPanel in order to get the foundation of your website in order is pretty technical business. On cPanel, which you get free when you sign up with Siteground hosting, all the ground work is there. Setting up add-on domains, creating custom DNSs, and flipping through your system files is complicated. Working on programs like WordPress can be pretty difficult because there’s so many little features like menus, widgets, categories, and plugins. Unfortunately though, that is as easy as it gets.

It’s my responsibility to help you learn how to manage your website, or even manage it for you if your head starts spinning.

There’s basically two levels: Behind the scenes stuff like your domain management and hosting configuration, and what people will see, like posts and themes. Working on the things people see is easier. When using, for example, Prestashop has an easy to use dashboard. Most programs do, but getting used to them can be tricky. The higher level stuff, like managing system files, is a real pain if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes, you don’t even know you’re a click away from deleting your whole interface. Good thing I’m here, because deleting a website is easier than you think, and you don’t want that to happen.

With a reliable system of communication, I can help you learn how to use your website and even customize the site yourself. You won’t have to rely on another person to post on your blog, or add a product to your line in your ecommerce site.