Getting Noticed


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How do I get my website on the map?

First thing you notice when you go to virtually any website is all the little ‘social’ buttons. Little Twitter feeds, ‘Like Us!’ boxes from Facebook, or follow me on Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and so on. I even have a bunch of buttons like that on the bottom of this site!  These are great little advertising devices that make your website more accessible and impressionable. Social Plugins such as the ‘Like Button‘ can actually boost your popularity through the roof. Now, for a blog this can be critical, especially if you rely on advert revenue or affiliated marketing and need people to visit your site by the hundreds. For a business like a cafe or restaurant, this can be used as a tool to drive people through the door of your establishment.

I’ll be able to go through the steps of creating a Facebook Page for your website/business with you if needed. I can integrate your website with your Social Media Profiles, so you don’t have to go back and forth to post on the website then onto the Page. I can add all the buttons and widgets you need anywhere onto your site. And finally, you’ll be able to have the traffic coming to you from all around the internet! Another useful tool is Facebook itself. You can use the Facebook page of your website, business, or even your personal profile to share links and articles from your website.

There’s also an interesting development through Google called Analytics. Analytics is a web based program that monitors the visitors to your site, so you can see where they were directed from, and therefore you know how well you are actually doing. Something you have to be wary of though is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, so if you learn how to optimize your website, it’ll show up on Google as more relevant to searchers. If it does that, then you have ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ traffic coming in as opposed to paid traffic.