Getting Paid


How can I sell my products or make money with my blog?

When using the right tools, you can use your website as a revenue machine. Through services like Google Adsense, you can get ad revenue just from people visiting your website. With assistance, you could create a business just from writing articles! If what you need is an online store where people can order things from you, I have you covered. Check out this online store I created to get a peek of what your store could potentially look like. You can view my personal blog to get an idea of how adverts can be appended to your pages.There’s so many choices to choose from when setting up a profitable website. With help, you’ll be able to pick the right services and plugins.


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  • If you already have a product and you would like to sell online, you want to set up an ecommerce site. Ecommerce is just a term for all the sites you see on the internet that uses a ‘cart’ and checkout process. Above is a screenshot from a program that allows you to easily keep track of the sales you make with an online store.  You have options there too, from setting up a partnership with a third party that makes and sells your products for you, to having a shop that is completely your own.


  • Another option that people turn to when having a blog or article based website is affiliated marketing. Starting a partnership with companies like Amazon can earn you money through your advertising of specific products. Say you had a website where you wrote about cooking, and you mentioned a Kitchen Maid blender with a link to a website where you can buy it. If someone that happened to be on your website clicked that link and bought that blender you get a percentage of the profit made on the product. It isn’t limited to that one product either, if they click that link, end up on the store’s page and buy something related to the product, you still get the percentage of the profit.

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  • With advertising on your website, you have many choices, Google Adsense is just one of them. Other services include Chitika, PopAds, PropellerAds, RevenueHits, Adversal and many more. Some of these services require you to have a minimum amount of traffic per month, however. Although many have no minimum and can make your small website generate revenue without paying a penny.

Whether you have a business, want a profitable blog, or somewhere in between there are options to fit your needs. With help, choosing between these services to find the right one to serve your needs will be easy. Contact me if you have questions or are interested in creating a website.