Here is a few websites I have either been commissioned to make or have made for myself. Each website has it’s own style and purpose, all are fully optimized and responsive. These sites were all made using the tools that are recommended by me at no additional cost to you. Some are blogs, some are used for promotional purposes. Take a look around and consider the possibilities for your business and/or blog.  Remember: I can always update your existing site, we’ll never have to start all over again.



This website was created to promote my graphic designing service. This site uses a simple theme in order to show off the media.  Another great addition in the functionality of this site is the use of enabled plugins.



A fully integrated blog based website made for science and tech news. It’s fully equipt with social media plugins and a successful Facebook Page to help drive traffic to it. This website is my personal academic blog created on a theme that brings the user of the site ease of access and a style that makes everything easy to read. This website also has a slider on it’s homepage. The benefit of a slider is that it acts as a billboard for your each and every post. This theme and others like it give the user an aesthetic experience with your featured images. You can visit the website here.


Garden Jewelry Online.com

A fully functional web store for a local artist. We created a gallery feature and blog. It’s easy to navigate and clean with beautiful accents.


Black Bart Gunfighters.com

This is the web-base of the scholarship fund-raising group called the Black Bart Gunfighters! This is an easy to navigate site with all information presented to you up-front. Another bonus to this site is the top header menu, this allows easy exploration of your site.